Family Story Sessions

Beautiful Moments

where the only thing you need is each other.

Hold your babies a little tighter because we want to remember just how snug they fit into your arms. Bend down and kiss their nose, let them hold your hand (or your ear, if that is their "thing") + let's document their freckles. 

Family sessions are more than poses (although I do make sure to get them!), they're about moments + details, the kind you want don't want to forget. 

Sessions don't have to be a huge event, nor do you have to bear the stress of planning alone.  

welcome to the world!

Newborn Story Session

Staying home is intimate, authentic and safe.


This is especially beneficial when you’ve just brought home a new baby because odds are, you’re exhausted and the idea of packing up the van to go get photos done sounds like a nightmare… am I right?


In home sessions are great for capturing more than just your family, love and connection. They also document your home! It’s where you and your family live and grow together and it’s an important piece to document, especially when bringing home a new little family member.


Newborns have an incredibly sensitive immune system and exposing them to germs outside the home can be risky. And if you’re introducing your new baby to siblings, it’s easier to control those interactions in the comfort of your own home.


A motherhood story

Ah, pregnancy. You're body is growing a life! How amazing is that?!

Maternity Photos are a way for us to celebrate the baby we’re about to meet, the love of your family, and to celebrate the strength of our incredible bodies.

Together we will plan out your dream session that will highlight this amazing moment in your life.

Sessions take place between weeks 28-32 to get that ultimate bump imagery.

High School Senior

the best is yet to come.

Senior year of high school marks a lot of milestones for the average young person. It’s often their last year at home with their parents. Their last year with the friends they’ve grown up with. It’s the year they become a legal adult. Taking senior portraits is the perfect way to commemorate all that they’ve done so far in their life, and a way to celebrate all the things the future has in store.

As an added bonus, senior portraits are good for more than just looking pretty in a nice picture frame. They’re a great way to customize graduation announcements. Creating a customized graduation announcement that uses a photo of the young grad is a great way to show family, friends, and everyone else what an incredible person they’ve grown into.


Elopement + Vow Renewal + Couples

Ready for an adventure?

Newly engaged, wanting an intimate wedding or ready to elope?

Anniversary Vow renewal? 

I've got you. Together we will craft an experience you both will enjoy and the memories we capture will be adorning the halls of your home as soon as you can get them printed.

As each session will be different, please contact me and let's discuss your desires and session goals.

 Brand Photography + Social Media Consulting

What is it and why do you need it?

A blend of photojournalism, lifestyle + portraiture used to

communicate your brand + make a meaningful connection with your audience.

People want to see more of you than what you're selling (although that is important to). They want to get to know you in order to see if they like + trust you before they will commit with their wallets. Sharing the personal of your brand is what connects people to you. 

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