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Dressing For Your Photo Shoot

Dressing for your family photo shoot is no easy feat. Moms everywhere break into a cold sweat and scour Pinterest for hours at the very thought. How exactly do you coordinate 3-5 outfits that all go with one another? That coordinate, but not exactly match? I am here to share five simple tips for dressing your family for their next photo shoot.

1. Start with Mom.

Moms tends to be the most particular about what they wear. And why shouldn’t they be? Moms are likely the ones coordinating everyone’s outfits, so it makes sense to coordinate around her. So, Moms, pick your favorite dress/shirt/skirt. Whatever makes you feel confident and beautiful. Bonus points if it fits you nicely, is a jewel tone, and has a pattern/ruffle/texture.

2. Dress your kids comfortably.

If you have a four year old who likes to run and jump and hates uncomfortable clothing, please don’t dress him/her in very structured clothing that constantly needs tucking/adjusting/straightening. You’ll drive them and yourself nuts during the photo shoot if you’re constantly worrying about tucking your son’s dress shirt back into his pants. A simple t-shirt (neutral if Mom is in a pattern!) works well.

3. Dad Style.

Dads should be saved for last as I think they are the easiest piece of the puzzle. Jeans or cords are perfect for Dads. If you’re at an outdoor/informal location– keep it casual! Your kids will want to run and play, be chased and tossed in the air. Add a t-shirt, sweater, or casual button down on top and you’ve got yourself a great Dad outfit!

4. Don’t forget the shoes.

Nothing ruins a beautiful family moment like a pair of neon sneakers or character shoes. I recommend putting some thought into everyone’s footwear as well! If you’re like me and your kids’ shoe wardrobe consists of permanently dirty boots and light-up sneakers…borrow from a friend! Visit Target’s clearance rack! You don’t have to spend a fortune to make sure you have decent shoes on and they make a big impact on finishing your family’s look.

5. Accessories: the final step.

Once you’ve nailed down your outfits and shoes, accessories are the final touch. Necklaces or scarves for Mom, watches or a vest for Dad, headbands, hats, suspenders, and scarves for kids. Consider adding a scarf or jean jacket for an Autumn session, colorful boots for a Spring session, or some pretty bangles to show off that Summer tan.

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