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Petite Maternity Sessions

Maternity sessions are something that a lot of Kansas City area moms overlook during the process of becoming parents. Two of the main reasons I hear for skipping the maternity session are: 1. Moms are not feeling beautiful about their changing bodies and 2. They are on a budget and want to put the money towards the newborn photographs.

I want to chat about both of these road blocks and then a special offer for my ongoing newborn clients below!

Let’s talk about feeling beautiful while pregnant.

Do you want to know how many of my clients tell me they feel so beautiful during their maternity sessions? Zero. Literally zero. For some reason there is this stereotype out there that makes women feel like they’re supposed to be pregnant goddesses. That it is supposed to be the most magical and special time of their lives. For some women, this may be true! For others, it can be very challenging. Nausea, aches and pains, worries, exhaustion, and a changing body can throw even the most positive person off their game.

My job as your maternity photographer is to pose you in a flattering way and make sure to document this special (and also challenging) time in your life. Although it feels like a long 9 months, give or take, you’ll be surprised how quickly you forget about what life was like with your new baby on the inside. New parenthood and newborn life quickly take over! I was one of those people who felt like I looked so huge and swollen and didn’t want my picture taken. Looking back though, I am SO glad I had maternity pictures taken.

On a budget? My Offer to Newborn Clients.

Budgets are a huge consideration when adding a new person to your family. Expected and unexpected expenses arise constantly as a parent. Many families find it’s easiest to skip maternity pictures and go for only the newborn session. While I can understand why many make this choice, I want to offer a Petite Local Maternity Session offering to my newborn clients so that they don’t have to make this choice.


30 Minutes

3 Location options (in Lee's Summit)

15 Edited Images with Print Release

Siblings Welcome

*Must contract for a Lifestyle Newborn or Fresh 48 Session to qualify


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