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FAQ’s: In-home Newborn Session

As a Kansas City Newborn Photographer, I get asked many questions from clients about what to expect during their in-home session. Some clients are scheduling a newborn session one for the first time. Others have never included siblings before. Although no two sessions are alike, you can expect the following from a session with me.

Home: Pre-Arrival

Before our session begins, I will tell you that in-home sessions are relaxed. No one needs to look perfect. Your house doesn’t need to be spotless. You just had a baby! What I will recommend is to clear clutter off side tables in a couple main spaces: your master bedroom, your family room, and your nursery. “Clearing clutter” might mean putting it off to the side in the room or hiding it your closet.

It’s all good!

What to Wear

In-home sessions are cozy. You do not need to dress up. No one needs a collared shirt and Mom– you definitely don’t need to try to squeeze into jeans. Be comfortable, yet coordinated. If your toddler wants to wear maroon, let them. Their world has just been turned upside-down, now is not the time to have a clothing battle. New Dads look great in jeans and a comfortable t-shirt or sweater. Moms can rock leggings and a tunic or shirt with long comfy sweater. Keep your feet bare! It adds a more realistic look to your session. For your baby, pick something you love. Neutral bases do help to keep finicky newborn skin looking its best but don’t shy away from stripes or prints if you love something graphic! Make sure those tiny baby feet are accessible.


During your session, my focus is always documenting your family connection in a way that is unique to you. With that being said, there are certain items on every session checklist. We will photograph your family together, your newborn alone, and each family member alone with your new baby. The order of this checklist is fluid and is based on what’s happening when I arrive. Toddler is having a meltdown but baby is asleep? We will start with baby. Baby is fussy and needs comfort or feeding? Let’s start with Mama and baby alone.

My biggest piece of advice is: don’t stress. I am here to document a day in the life of your new baby. Leave it to me to do that in a beautiful way, no matter how chaotic you might feel it is.

Taking Breaks

I am making “taking breaks” an entirely separate category because they are REALLY important. Your toddler is stressed, you probably haven’t slept well, your baby is new and sometimes fussy. Even with a low-key in-home session, it can feel stressful to be in front of a camera post-birth.

I plan to be in your home for around 90 minutes. Sometimes shorter, sometimes longer. The timing is flexible and family-led. Some babies need more breaks for soothing, feeding, or changing. Sometimes your toddler desperately needs a snack! Take the time to do these things and regroup. I can’t promise I won’t document some of all that too, though ;).


The “equipment” I bring to your session is pretty minimal and do not bring wraps or posing bean bags or any props. I bring myself, my camera and use one lens (my 35mm) for 99% of my in-home newborn sessions. I keep it minimal for a reason…to keep your session personal and unique to you. Let’s use that swaddling blanket that all your babies were wrapped in. Let’s incorporate the blanket your Mom knit for you. I want to lay your baby in their crib and on your bed, not on a posing bag.

The Conclusion

At the end of your session, I always suggest taking a quick picture on your front steps. Home is where the heart is, after all. You’ll want to remember the special place you brought your child home to even if it isn’t where you end up in five years.


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